Holla'back Records, Entertainment & Management, LLC. is an Independent Record Label, Entertainment and Management Company.

We, officially, began releasing hit records and managing talent (rappers/actors/singers/photographers/models/dancers etc.) in 1998.

Our first EP release, Holla'back Presents Trajik & the Black Casba, was introduced to critical acclaim by numerous venues, including the start up distribution company The Orchard: several years prior to becoming one of, if not the nation's largest Internet Distributors.

Several tracks on our initial project were produced by relative newcomers who are, at this time, multi/platinum selling artists: They include:

1) Apex-Tech: Producer of 50 Cent's hip hop smash hit "I Get Money."  Apex was Holla'back's first producer signed to the label

2) Elijah WellsProducer and founder of the hit R&B sensations Nina Sky (Move Your Body), Sean Paul and others. Elijah is also the proud father/manager of the Twin DJ sensations Amira & Kayla (who have appeared in national commercials including Target and in Beyonce's video)

3) Kerry "Krucial" Brothers: Super producer of the multi-platinum publishing company "Krucial-Keys" (Alicia Keys' co-publisher on several projects).  Krucial was a featured rapper in several Talent shows Holla'back's CEO hosted through her non-profit organization Blessed with Colour, acted as an unofficial consultant on our first project & offered to remix his favorite track "Q&A" for Trajik

Other Holla'back accomplishments include the following:

1) Numerous currently managed artists being featured in television & films (See Casting) 

2) Kieon/KTG, formerly of Trajik, worked with rap superstar Cam'ron as Ma$e's body double in his hit music video "Horse & Carriage" (see Videos) and was booked on MTV Jamz

3) Kyee, R&B sensation 10+ years prior to Neo's surge into the market, was highly sought after by Bone Crusher's (Neva Scared) manager  

4) The original FUCHURE (an 8 year old hip hop genius at the time) a) worked with and auditioned, successfully, for Wyclef Jean's Producer b) was booked for a national photo shoot which featured him in print advertisements which appeared in New York's Transit system, in Ebony magazine with the late, great, Esther Rolle of Good Times and in various other print ads including CVS Pharmacy. The original Fuchure  is now performing under the stage name LA VIE. (see Videos)

5) Kyee, Trajik and other Holla'back talent were featured in a skit on NBC'S Conan O'brien show

6) Kevlar, formerly of Holla'back Records' The Black Casba, also wrote the song "Crime Side" for Big House Productions' pilot of the Television Show "Street Time," which had a limited run on Showtime

In 2009, the quadruple threat (model/dancer/singer & actor) JABAR/KA$H DRACO was one of the hottest new Teen sensation's since Chris Brown. Jabar/KA$H performed throughout the ATL, including a breathtaking concert at Club Famous, UGA, the Sweet Auburn Fest and others.  He has walked B.E.T's red carpet at their Hip Hop Awards, wrote for P. Diddy's former Day 26 member ''Que" (Qwanelle Moseley), appeared in the Hunger Games (Mockingjay) and worked with NBC Universal on a Hip-Hop Reality pitch. He is now performing with his brother under the group CA$HxCAM. Holla'back was honored to consult for these talented brothers and was instrumental in securing a meeting with Super Producer  Lil' Ronnie (Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, Bow Wow & others' producer), after handing him their professional Press Package prepared by Holla'back...LLC. Lil' Ronnie offered them the opportunity to write with him at that meeting after hearing many of the hit songs featured/on our Music Page.

Trajik, Kevlar and their newer label mate, Kyee,  also released/recorded several singles including "Make It Hot, Rock Thru It, Cash, Brothas, Call Me Up, Take It There & numerous others (see Music).

In 2003, our hit Independent Release, Holla'back, was included in a federal copyright infringement lawsuit which alleged that hip hop superstars Fabolous & The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams &  Chad Hugo), et. al. used Trajik's music and lyrics, without authorization/compensation and repackaged/distributed it under the title Holla back (Young'N)

Details of the lawsuit and our groundbreaking Documentary ''INJUSTICE FOR ALL...SUMMARY MISJUDGMENT" (which details allegations of How Hollywood...allegedly...steals some of the biggest hit movies, songs, video games etc., IN THE NAME OF THE LAW-Summary Judgment) are featured in the links above:"HOLLA'BACK VS. YOUNG'N,'' "PRESS'' AND "INJUSTICE FOR ALL."

Additionally, the feature film, WHO TAKES THE W(R)AP, a fascinating, educational, non-fictional depiction of our experience in the industry (with a fictional, entertainment twist), is currently being shopped to multiple individuals/networks for immediate production.

These accomplishments prove that Holla'back's CEO, CarlaB. (see Bio) was, and continues to be, a visionary and that this Brand was, and continues to be, way ahead of its time!

Remember, we are HitMakers..Not HitTakers!...If you heard a Hot Trak it's..Holla'back!