DVD InJustice for All..Summary MisJudgment

Holla'back Gear-InJustice for All T-Shirt - White or Black

White or Black

Holla'backPack - White


The latest release of one of  the hottest Indie labels ever. 

This release features our R&B sensation, Kyee, performing some of  the most innovative tunes ever released in this genre:

The hip hop Duo 'Trajik" whose hit single "Holla back" was allegedly jacked by Pharrell/The Neptunes, Fabolous et. al in addition to our newest tracks "Holla'back Ya-Heard-A-Uz" and others which were previously never released; in addition to:

The featured track in the groundbreaking documentary InJustice for All...Summary MisJudgment  "Crimeside" performed by one of the greatest lyricists ever, KEVLAR.