AS STATED IN THE GREATEST MOVIE MADE THIS CENTURY, "THE GREAT DEBATERS" WHO IS THE JUDGE? THE JUDGE IS GOD! WHY IS HE THE JUDGE? BECAUSE HE DECIDES WHO WINS OR LOSES, NOT MY OPPONENT... ...Who is your opponent ? He does not exist....Why doesn't he exist? Because he is a mere dissenting voice of the truth i speak !!"

June 30, 2005 The District Court dismissed case on a Summary Judgment motion, which we allege denied Boone her Constitutional right to have case heard by an unbiased  jury of her peers.

Numerous legal errors were made by the District Court Judge (and subsequently admitted by Court of Appeals). Attorneys filed for sanctions (asking that Boone pay all their attorney fees) for filing a frivolous case. Sanctions were denied by the District Court stating that there was reasonable basis for Boone's counsel to believe that her allegations were "grounded in fact "when complaint was filed.

Throughout proceedings Defendants claimed that they had "never heard of us!"

Our new release is our response to these superstars! Holla'back...Ya-Heard-A-Uz!

August 2, 2005 Case sent to Court of Appeals. Appeals Court acknowledged that numerous legal errors made by District, but denies Boone's appeal to remand case back to District

March 5, 2007  Case sent to Supreme Court. Supreme Court denies Boone's writ