How can one Industry be accused, repeatedly, of stealing BILLIONS of dollars in Intellectual Property and virtually NEVER have to face a trial? How can virtually every politician contacted, in addition to law enforcement agencies, civil/constitutional rights advocates/attorneys, virtually ignore nearly 4 years of campaigns complaining about the denial of everyday, working class citizens' Seventh Amendment, Constitutional right to an unbiased jury trial of their peers being violated and each of these pleas continuously are IGNORED! 

Despite the law clearly stipulating that these federal copyright infringement lawsuits should only be dismissed if there was NO REASON for a trial (going to trial would be a waste of the courts' time), 96% of all copyright cases filed AGAINST networks and studios, in NY and CA  (and the lower courts within these circuits), in the last 20 YEARS , NEVER WENT TO TRIAL? By allowing 46/48 cases to be dismissed, the court is basically saying that NONE OF THE CASES COULD have won if permitted to go to trial. *Steven T. Lowe, Esq. in his November 2010 article "Death of Copyright.

Attorney Steven T. Lowe statistically validates our allegations of "How Hollywood "allegedly" Steals...In the Name of the Law (Summary Judgment)and the Documentary Injustice for All... Summary Mis Judgment shows you how!

This shocking documentary takes you through five 5 Independent artists' lawsuits, filed against multi-million-dollar corporations/their employees (nationally recognized superstars/works), their shockingly similar stories of filing their lawsuits, the specific details of similarities in the 2 works in question in each case, similar stories of questionable attorney activity and the similar roller coaster rides each of these artists experienced with each of their attorneys, the hiring/firing of  numerous attorneys in virtually each case due to allegations of questionable conduct/activity, the law vs. the questionable rulings made by judges and finally the dismissal of each and every one of these lawsuits on Summary Judgment Motions.

Case 1- Holla'back vs. Young'N Holla back (Boone vs. Jackson-Fabolous, The Neptunes et. al)-rap song

Case 2- Pay the Price vs. Drumline (Lassiter and Two Believers vs. 20th Century Fox, Dallas Austin et. al.)-movie

Case 3- Bob Spongee vs. SpongeBob (Walker vs. Viacom)-cartoon 

Case 4- Psi-Ops vs. Psi-Ops (Mindgate Conspiracy) (Crawford vs. Midway Games)-video game 

Case 5- No Harm/No Foul-Bronx House vs. Life (Hudson vs. Universal, Eddie Murphy, Heavy D, et. al)-movie