Despite hearing the negative chatter spewed by Spike Lee, I ventured out to watch Jamie Fox' movie DJango Unchained. 

At a time where the Entertainment Industry continues to promote the most useless, mindless, unimaginative movies and pointless remakes EVER (if they are not, allegedly, stealing the most creative pieces from Independent Artists-See News JoUrnal) At LAST, one of the best movies created in years!

  1. Our history is not a fairy tale, it is painful, it is not funny...true; yet, this wonderfully written piece tells a painful fairy tale/story, yet depicts the realities of this horrific time in a realistic way that clearly shows how: ridiculous, inhumane, narrow-minded, confused the oppressors (SOMETIMES, in the name of the lord) were toward one race of people in a lighthearted yet extremely prolific way. And then, the victim wins! 
  2. What's wrong with art...imitating life? Especially when such will provoke much needed discussion and perhaps open someone's eyes into realizing how horrific, narrow minded and painful this time was and will always be for us.

Can one truly be a god fearing, Bible toting Christian and not only orchestrate and watch the brutal murder of any human being by sicking vicious dogs on another and cheer such behaviors on? Can you, as a human being, without prejudice or pure hate in your heart  condone this type of behavior (at any time or against any one)? Can you justify the brutal beatings/punishments for minor offenses such as breaking eggs or simply being born the wrong color and still call yourself a human being?    

If this movie provokes one racist, bigot to rethink his/her positions on race, homosexuality, ANYTHING about another group of people, it has served a noble purpose; a greater purpose than un researched commentary from an obsolete filmaker.

This is Hollywood, at its best...and here is Hollywood at its worst...BUSINESS AS USUAL..the white actors are nominated for Golden Globes while the black star and co-stars are left out.  How ironic, yet typical.

Here's where your complaints should lie, Mr. Lee..go write something,'re way overdue AND THIS MAY BE why you HATE! You were not too far off with your criticisms of Tyler Perry's continuous, long-drawn out and overdue retirement of Madea, but you have clearly missed the mark on this one brother!  

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